About us

The founders of Isotoma have worked in the field of Internet software since the early 1990’s. Since then we’ve experienced a huge number of projects, with a wide range of customers across many markets. Our enthusiasm for the opportunities and challenges it presents has never waned, while our professionalism, maturity and experience have grown.

Since founding Isotoma in 2004, our diverse range of customers all have one thing in common — a requirement for innovative software that suits their specific needs. We develop software that is both functional and creative, whilst at the same time giving the peace of mind that comes from working with a confident, technologically astute and inspiring company.

We relish exploring the possibilities and potential each new project brings, while retaining a pragmatic approach, giving frank and honest opinions on what will and won’t work. We know that clear explanations and open communication with our customers are key to the success of every project. We always aim to strike a balance between a technically robust solution, attractive design and placing the user at the centre of the experience. Our track record and testimonials show that we regularly exceed customer expectations.

We are open

o┬Ěpen / [oh-puhn]

  1. Not closed; accessible; unimpeded: to leave the door open.
  2. Receptive: I am open to new ideas
  3. having no means of closing or barring: an open portico.
  4. Candid; honest: Let me be open with you

Isotoma championed Open Source Software (OSS) long before it gained the levels of acceptance and deployment it now enjoys. We love its collaborative nature, its flexibility, and its lack of licences — but most of all we love its security, affordability, transparency and interoperability. OSS releases businesses from expensive and complicated IT strategy and allows them to direct their energies into their services.

We specialise in building web applications, mobile applications and content management systems using Django, Plone and other OSS.

How we work

Isotoma were early adopters of the Agile Software Development technique which emphasises the importance of interaction, collaboration, working software and the flexibility to respond quickly to make changes when necessary. While many software companies now claim to follow the Agile approach, projects are still too often designed to satisfy written requirements, resulting in unfriendly and complex software.

We believe that good software should exploit the opportunities presented, and be adaptable to users’ needs — needs which may not be apparent when the software is initially specified. Focussing too much on processes, documentation and following a plan will almost certainly result in software which might work, but will not delight the user.

Our experience and technical expertise means that the right technology is applied to address a particular problem. We focus on customer involvement, listening to our target users, and delivering a testable prototype as early as possible in the process so that the site evolves and grows in accordance with what is required by those who use it.

However, design and accessibility are never compromised for the sake of technology. We emphasise usability and information architecture, and know from experience that effective and open communication between developer and customer will give the best results.

We understand that true customer satisfaction comes from the rapid and continuous delivery of useful software. Our project process enables our customers to have complete visibility, at any time, of all elements of their project down to the finest level.

Doug Winter

Doug Winter

Doug has always been passionate about what makes the Internet tick. He has been developing web applications since 1996, and now provides sage advice, software architecture and war stories to help Isotoma’s larger and more complex projects.

Andy Theyers

Andy Theyers

Like Doug, co-founder Andy is an “Internet Veteran”. At Isotoma he’s primarily responsible for the early stages of our projects. With a particular interest in how applications are used and how they evolve, Andy helps our customers shape both their application’s features and the supporting business models.

Francois Jordaan

Francois Jordaan

Francois is responsible for user experience, ensuring all the software we deliver is easy to use and meets actual user needs. This involves business requirements gathering, user research, interface specification, information architecture, usability testing and design. Francois is also passionate about web standards and accessibility.