We are open

o┬Ěpen / [oh-puhn]

  1. Not closed; accessible; unimpeded: to leave the door open.
  2. Receptive: I am open to new ideas
  3. having no means of closing or barring: an open portico.
  4. Candid; honest: Let me be open with you

We specialise in the design and build of complex and innovative web applications that are used by our customers’ customers. Accessible, transparent and receptive, our progress is visible to our customers every step of the way.

Isotoma founders Andy Theyers and Doug Winter were early pioneers of the use of Open Source Software and all of us at Isotoma continue to be an active part of the Open Source communities that refine and develop the projects we love. It is part of our fabric. Our expertise across a range of open source projects ensures our customers have real choice and real freedom without huge ongoing licence fees.

What we do

Since founding Isotoma in 2004, our diverse range of customers all have one thing in common — a requirement for innovative software that suits their specific needs.

At Isotoma, we believe that the key element in developing custom applications and designing products is the user experience; everything is tailored to suit you and your users. We aim to deliver right-sized solutions to fit your needs and your budget. We pride ourselves on working to that budget, being on time and delivering a high quality end product. We are passionate, enthusiastic and communicative.

At the outset, we provide business analysis calling on our 20-plus years of developing software and solving problems. We offer advice and guidance in getting the right solution for the right project and help you navigate the choices on offer. We will work with you throughout providing, if needed, a solution tailored to your requirements.

Throughout the process, you will know what is happening and be able to follow our progress every step of the way.

It is no accident that nearly all of our work comes from referrals — reputation, customer service and first class delivery are priorities for us. If you need to succeed, then come to Isotoma.

Doug Winter

Doug Winter

Doug has always been passionate about what makes the Internet tick. He has been developing web applications since 1996, and now provides sage advice, software architecture and war stories to help Isotoma’s larger and more complex projects.

Andy Theyers

Andy Theyers

Like Doug, co-founder Andy is an “Internet Veteran”. At Isotoma he’s primarily responsible for the early stages of our projects. With a particular interest in how applications are used and how they evolve, Andy helps our customers shape both their application’s features and the supporting business models.

Francois Jordaan

Francois Jordaan

Francois is responsible for user experience, ensuring all the software we deliver is easy to use and meets actual user needs. This involves business requirements gathering, user research, interface specification, information architecture, usability testing and design. Francois is also passionate about web standards and accessibility.