Taming Your Tech Team: How To Get The Most Out of Your Developers

The Europas 2017 conference and awards event was a huge success that we are proud to have sponsored and supported. The Europas proved to be an exciting opportunity to catch up on the latest in start ups and online business, with a huge range of speakers across all aspects of setting up and growing your business. Our Director and co-founder, Doug Winter took part in a live discussion with Roberta Lucca talking about how to get the most out of your developers which was well received.

The team at Isotoma love working on innovative and complex projects. 10 years ago Mike Butcher was calling us “internet veterans” and a decade later we’re still going strong, with over 12 years advising and helping business owners take their product to market. Drawing on our experience and knowledge, we can expertly guide you through the process of creating your new startup product.

Doug Winter and Roberta Lucca

Live discussion at The Europas: Taming Your Tech Team: How To Get The Most Out of Your Developers

Co-founder and Director of Isotoma, Doug Winter talked with Roberta Lucca (BAFTA winner, co-founder of Bossa Studios and much more...) about how to get the most out of your developers. In this live panel debate Doug and Roberta discussed the pros and cons of outsourcing development versus building your own team, and how to get the most of your developers either way. Which Doug and Roberta having such differing views on the topic, as well as some great questions from the audience it proved to be a lively session!

Producing a scalable backend framework for streaming audio

We partnered with business design agency Play to give their Evermix music platform the best start. We provided the underlying architecture and API that enabled to application to scale and grow with success.

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Inventory management for live broadcasting

We worked with sports technology startup Supponor to help them turn their emerging business processes into working, supportable software. Now in their 6th year of operations, the software we built for them and now support is still an integral part of their operational processes.

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Interactive video interview application

Shortlister approached us with an idea to radically improve the recruitment process. Rather than go straight from CV to face to face interview Shortlister asks applicants to participate in an online interview where questions are read by an avatar and the applicant's responses are recorded via their webcam. Recruiters can then review, rate and comment on each applicant’s response, shortlisting them for the next stage in the recruitment process.

Initially we helped them with the creation of an investment deck that contained wireframes, user testing and market research, which they used to secure the funding for the remainder of the project.

Over the next 3 years we worked with the Shortlister founders to build out the product - API first so we could target mobile as well as the web - into a running business.

Once the initial greenfield build was completed and the project had moved to iterative improvements and new features, we helped our client hire their own internal development team and handed the project over to them to maintain. Now in it’s 5th year of trading, Shortlister boasts global long term customers such Sky, Kraft and Yell

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Blog - Start ups: launching a marketplace

Many web start ups plan on a marketplace model; we discuss how this model differs from a more traditional product or service, and how founders should go about marshalling their resources.

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