Pebble is a software company based in Newcastle. They approached Isotoma to produce an online version of an existing software product called Fund Manager.

Fund Manager is an accountancy software package dedicated to managing school voluntary funds, such as money for school trips and music lessons. It is a full financial management application that records cash, cheque and direct debit/credit entries, manages year end procedures, and creates an audit trail. Pebble designed Fund Manager as the perfect way to keep track of every penny of pupils’ money. It is also used by clubs, churches, and voluntary groups all over the UK.

The product was traditionally installed and used as a desktop application, but Pebble wanted their customers to benefit from the trend towards web-based applications. Isotoma developed the application using Django - a rapid application development framework in Python. A strong emphasis was placed on design and usability, and the build ensured the way ahead was clear for new features and functionality to be easily added.

The benefits of the web application are increased accessibility, ease of distribution and updates, and improved support. It also opens up future opportunities for the application to be accessed using mobile devices, and enables easy access to an online community of other users.