Delivering complex internal workflows for a high street giant

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The Arcadia Group are a mighty presence on the high street with Topshop, Burton, Wallis and Miss Selfridge among their portfolio. Isotoma worked with Arcadia to relaunch their corporate website.

The clean simplicity of the front end design belies the challenge that this project presented. Arcadia had very clear ideas about what they wanted, and the challenge for the project team was to deliver in as straightforward a way as possible.  The site's concept, wireframes and the visual design of key templates was created by Moving Brands, while we implemented the content management system and workflows at the back end.

Arcadia wanted to radically overhaul their internal workflow to allow each department of this vast organisation to make changes to their own areas of the website. Therefore approval and review routes had to be designed and agreed before being stitched into the site. Agile development techniques were used, particularly in the scoping and planning stages, so that the customer knew at every stage what was being delivered and when.

The finished result provides information about Arcadia’s brands, history, career opportunities, charitable involvement, press releases and corporate responsibility, as well as financial reports. Despite the weight and importance of the information, the site design is light, bright and clean, with effortless navigation. The stylish design is consistent with the cutting-edge fashion the Arcadia Group is known for.