Producing a high quality membership portal

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This site for the Association of Research Managers and Administrators (ARMA) is the latest in our portfolio of membership websites.

Facilitating excellence and best practice in research management and administration, ARMA provides members with training and professional development events, online information and resources, and networking and mentoring opportunities.

ARMA were looking for a site that unified several separate systems and provided a one-stop-shop for members to access all the resources available, while giving the organisation a cost effective solution to their practical challenges.

ARMA has a relatively small but very active membership. ARMA's Professional Development Framework underpins the programme of events and other membership services that drive the work of the organisation. The site handles the age-old problem of event booking smoothly, taking into account differences in event types, booking windows and processing payments through integration with SAGE.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are catered for in dedicated online communities, providing an opportunity for members to engage directly with each other and exchange knowledge and best practice on a particular subject. The groups are powered by mailing lists and can be accessed though an individual's Profile page.

The site was built using Plone 4, the leading open source CMS, allowing granular access and an easy-to-use administrative interface. Any transaction on the website, such as automatic membership renewal, is processed through SAGE.

The end result is a high quality membership portal which streamlines processes, and makes the benefits of membership easily accessible.