Brixton Pound

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The Brixton Pound (B£) is the UK’s first local currency in an urban area. It’s a complementary currency, for use by local people and traders in independent shops and outlets.

The Brixton Pound project is supported by QOIN, the New Economic Foundation (NEF) and Transition Network. QOIN and NEF were looking for a partner to implement an IT system to provide a web interface allowing people to register for a B£ account, and a system to conduct transactions online and via SMS using B£ e-currency.

Isotoma were chosen to provide the production delivery platform. There were a very specific set of business problems that had to be overcome on a tight budget, using Open Source technology. The application had to deliver on security, accountability and structured and controlled deployment methods.

Isotoma built an interface with the Cyclos platform – a tried and tested system for local currency transactions. This allows customers to ‘Pay by Text’ in any business that accepts the B£. We also built a Django module that would be securely hosted alongside the main (Java) application and run reporting information for customers.

Due to the inherent complexity of a banking application, planning and discipline were required from the start. This included technical consulting on the chosen platform for security and longevity. Isotoma also brought ‘enterprise level’ experience to the rollout and deployment of a start-up with limited resource.