Empowering users with an IAAS design tool

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In 2016, Iomart approached us with a remarkable, innovative idea. Their customers required the cost-savings, security and support provided by Iomart's datacentre hosting products, but also wanted the flexibility and configurability of online cloud services.

Iomart's concept was to provide a graphical, design-led environment which allows users to configure, manage and deploy their services across Iomart's worldwide network of datacentres. In addition customers should be able to deploy hybrid services, with some components delivered in Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure and also to purchase equipment for other datacentres or their own premises.

“When the team at Isotoma were finishing my sentences and asking questions that we hadn’t even considered, we really knew we’d found a partner that understood exactly what we wanted to achieve.”

           - Neil Christie, Managing Director, Iomart.

We worked with Iomart to flesh-out the concept and design and architect the product, as well as building, deploying and supporting it in production. It’s the latest project in our run of single-page applications that we’ve built using React and host on AWS. The product is now in beta with select customers.

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