Building an interface for a scenario modelling tool

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The EUREAPA project was initiated by the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and the World Wide Fund for Nature. It is a scenario modelling and policy assessment tool designed for EU policy-makers.

EUREAPA accesses and manipulates global data relating to the environmental impact of consumption and production, in order to prioritise and evaluate the effect of policy decisions.

The SEI approached Isotoma for help with creating a web interface and user experience. They required a simple way for policy makers to access information, and display it in an engaging way.

This project posed a satisfying problem — to build a platform that was simple and engaging but which also fully utilised the vast and daunting database of global carbon data. The project team had to quickly understand the data and identify what was important.

The project was broken down into three stages:

Stage 1: A strategy consultancy
Stage 2: A software demonstration and testing
Stage 3: Development of the site

The timescales on this project were challenging, Isotoma’s use of agile development methods ensured that key milestones were met and slippage minimised. Planning was also key – intensive user research and story building in the initial stages meant that much of the work undertaken for the demonstration could be used in the final product development.

The finished application allows users with little previous exposure to the concept to perform some extremely complex data visualisations and quickly model the impact their decisions will have in real-world situations.