Producing a scalable backend framework for streaming audio

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Evermix is an innovative music streaming platform, providing exclusive mixes from some of the world’s best DJ’s and emerging talent on the dance music circuit.

Product innovation company Play approached us asking if we could build a scalable backend framework for Evermix. They designed a brilliant front end but needed a company to help build a backend that could support the growing business. We worked to build an architectural solution which enables the web app to store and stream audio files, provide a secure login section for members, integrate with social media and sharing as well as allowing music fans to tag themselves attending concerts.

We knew we needed to provide a solution that could scale as the business grew, so we built it on Amazon Web Services (AWS) which allowed us to build the app for success and scale without any of the associated overheads. AWS also gave us the freedom of elasticity and the scalability of cloud computing.

We built the solution API first using Django REST Framework, which allowed Play’s front end developers to focus on the features and look and feel of the user interface, calling the music and social API endpoints that we’d built as and when they needed to. The platform was built to budget and was designed to meet the specific business challenges faced by Evermix. It’s also been designed to give future developers a solid platform from which to work, future proofing the application as much as possible.

It was important that we delivered a solution that worked first time as Evermix were moving fast and committing to marketing and hardware deadlines that needed to be adhered to. Because of this, they needed a partner that was reliable and who could coordinate the many different elements of the project.