Creating a powerful Content Management System

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The Key is an essential, industry-leading knowledge resource for school leaders that provides authoritative information about all aspects of school life from a single, unified source. If the information doesn't exist, school leaders can register, ask a question and receive a response within three days.

Isotoma has continuously developed The Key's core knowledge platform since 2007 and through our long term relationship, we have helped the company build a brand from startup to its current status as one of the most trusted sources of education sector information in the UK.

Isotoma needed to strike a balance between a powerful and exhaustive ‘behind-the-scenes’ Content Management System (CMS) for The Key’s researchers and editors while creating an engaging and visually rich experience for its users. Read more about how Isotoma transformed the business platform for The Key in this blog post.

Isotoma then spent time with The Key researching user behaviour to add a number of extra features which made the system more efficient for regular users of the site.

With all of that achieved, The Key is now regarded as an indispensable source of information for many school leaders and the service constantly evolves and grows in accordance with the requirements of its members and Isotoma provides the services needed to facilitate this continued development.