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Netbuddy, a London-based charity, contacted Isotoma to help them produce their new website aimed at supporting carers.

Netbuddy Top Tips was built by Isotoma using the open-source content management system django, and integrates with Twitter using the @anywhere framework.

The site delivers tips for those who care for disabled or people with learning difficulties. It provides the facility for carers to share their own tips, either in forums or through an easy submission process. Once published it is easy for users to share the tips on Twitter, with each shared tip linking back to the site.

The site also features information and news about events, resources and a section with info packs on different topics such as useful iPad Apps and Financial help.

After producing the information architecture, Isotoma worked with a designer to make a site that's accessible and friendly. We continue to work with the fantastic team at Netbuddy to encourage the site's growth.