Creating a new website for a famous London NHS trust

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Tavistock and Portman Foundation NHS Trust approached Isotoma with requirements for a new website and CMS. They needed to be able to handle and store large quantities of data queries from users whilst being enabling their in-house team to manage a wide breadth of content.

We selected Wagtail as the most appropriate CMS for the project, as it is powerful, scalable and user friendly. Using Wagtail allowed us to create a beautiful site with an easy-to-use CMS meaning we could deliver a high value product for a limited budget.

To clearly and simply highlight the 3 core services offered by Tavistock and Portman we created an information architecture that allowed the audience to focus on the areas of the site most relevant to their needs.

To make the large quantity of content easily accessible we implemented a faceted search interface That included powerful secondary search filters; allowing visitors to the site to drill down through their search results.