Come work with us

We’re a close knit, friendly and enthusiastic group of developers, testers, user experience experts and project managers based in the heart of the beautiful city of York and the centre of Manchester's vibrant Northern Quarter.

We’re passionate about the quality of the things we make and the way we go about making them. We want to help the people we work with — both clients and team members — achieve success that’s meaningful to them; whether that’s an improved bottom line, delighted customers, career progression, new skills or a better work/life balance.

Right now we are looking for people to join us in the following roles:

Isotoma was set up by developers and the development process is at the heart of everything we do. We understand that a good working environment and lack of distractions are absolutely key to concentration and good code, and we strive to provide the best working environment we can. We’re a family friendly employer too (with, amongst other things, flexible hours and a health plan); all of which is focussed on doing everything we can to ensure that you’re able to get the best out of everything you do.

If there isn’t a job open at the moment that describes you, but you’re passionate about the web, about Python or about Django don’t be put off. We’re always keen to hear from the right people, and have employed a number of our team from speculative applications even when we weren’t advertising the role they took. If you like the sound of Isotoma please send us your CV.

No agencies. We already have relationships with recruiters that we love; people who’ve taken the time to get to know us and understand what makes a great Isotoma team member. We don’t accept cold calls or read spam.


You need to concentrate. We know that. Our offices are quiet, clean and friendly. They're modern but characterful, and ideally located; our HQ is in the very centre of the beautiful city of York and our Manchester office is at the heart of the Northern Quarter. There’s lots of break out space for stand ups and impromptu meetings, as well as formal meeting space for bigger, longer meetings. And there’s one phone per desk cluster, not one per desk (if a phone is your idea of hell). Last but not least, we use Slack, so you can easily mute your colleagues when you’re getting into the flow.

Open source

Isotoma was founded as an OSS business back in 2004, when everyone thought we were mad to do so. And although most of what we do is bespoke for our customers (and therefore owned by them) we release everything we can under an open source license.

We encourage participation in open source projects, and do what we can to support projects our team have particular interests in. We’re particularly keen for you to attend and talk at conferences on subjects you’re passionate about.


Django is at the core of what we do; presenting rich and intricate applications to users via the web. Our applications are everything from beautiful content management systems through Software-as-a-Service products to business critical internal systems that our customers rely on day in day out. We’ve been using Django since 0.96, and today it plays a critical part in every project we do. Where we need other tools we use Celery, Backbone, Redis and Twisted to extend Django’s capabilities in various directions.

We’re ludicrously enthusiastic about Django, and if you join us you’ll be exposed to a myriad of ways to develop your Django skills (and learn new ones) as you collaborate with colleagues on various projects.


Our development process is supported by a powerful tool chain; Git for version control, Trac for ticketing, Buildbot for CI, Ansible/Yaybu for deployment, Selenium for functional testing, as well as bigv, Heroku and AWS for hosting and delivery.

Every one of our projects invests in automated deployment tools, ensuring that new environments can be spun up with ease (usually with a single command). This, combined with Linux on the desktop, means that our team can each run a full production-like environment on their desks — meaning everyone understands what production looks like and everyone is developing and testing against a realistic environment. It makes releasing easier too.

As with Django we’ll provide training in these tools, ensuring that everyone continues to develop their skills and keeps on learning.

Agile at the core

Not all of our projects are Agile end to end (it simply doesn’t work for some customers) but everything is run in an Agile way internally. Our development teams are small and mixed speciality, with a combination of developers, user experience and QA making up every team. We empower teams to make their own choices wherever possible, trusting them to know how best to meet the customer's requirements with the skills they have between them. We’re proud to trust our team to deliver; that trust is what Isotoma is built on.